peranakan culture kebaya Singapore nyonya nonya modern
peranakan culture modern kebaya Singapore nyonya nonya

Modern kebaya that you can you can pair with sarong or short skirt, pants, short, and jeans. 

peranakan culture basic kebaya Singapore nyonya nonya

Basic kebaya:

on cotton-polyester, wrinkle free

Cotton kebaya:

For your comfortable feel, especially for those living in equatorial zones. This choice will be your best friends.

peranakan culture wedding kebaya hand drawn batik cloud Singapore nyonya nonya

High Quality kebaya:

Double side embroidery kebaya on cotton voile material is soft and comfortable.​

Luxurious kebaya:

Special kebaya with intricate and high embroidery on stretch & very comfortable cotton voile material. Definitely will make you stand out from the pack.

Camisoles are essential undergarments for Peranakan women when wearing the sheer kebaya.

peranakan making process culture kebaya Singapore nyonya nonya