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Kebaya Process

The existance of kebaya recorded by Sir Stamford Raffles, Governor General of the Dutch East Indies in 1817, who also wrote the History of Java. Kebaya has undergone acculturation with different cultures coming. One of them, is Nyonya kebaya, a blend of Chinese culture and local. In 15AD, the Chinese came to to Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and other countries. They brought their customs and habits, and of course how to dress. 


Nyonya kebaya has beautiful colour and motif. Our kebaya done manually with small machine. Kerancang embroidered on the plain cloth, so not patch of lace. The process takes from one week to several months, depending on the complexity of the embroidery. Embroidery work is not easy, it takes patience and diligence. Because we can't predict processing time, we don't dare to target the production.

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