How to wear sarong on tubular shape

Stamp Batik Nyonya Pattern

1 Tone with bird and butterfly

stamp batik block cooper singapore process peranakan baba nyonya nonya

​Stamp Batik:

​Because hand drawn batik is costly, Nyonyas in Indonesia wear stamp batik sarong or hip wrap for daily wear. 



Normally cotton is used to make batik, because it's comfortable and elegant. We use primissima cotton fabric, the first grade quality of cotton usually made for fine-art batik.

on cotton

peranakan batik sarong singapore bird butterfly black

Sarong comes in flat sheet. Approx 103 x 210cm

peranakan batik sarong singapore bird butterfly

Flower Bouquet from Pekalongan shows European flower bouquet with bird and butterfly, is a classic Peranakan batik motif.