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peranakan culture kebaya Singapore nyonya nonya

Nyonya Kebaya
Luxurious & Kebaya Material

Nyonya kebaya is a traditional attire that is beloved for its timeless elegance and intricate design. When it comes to creating a truly luxurious Nyonya kebaya, cotton voile material and double-sided embroidery are two elements that can take the garment to the next level.

Cotton voile is a lightweight fabric that is perfect for Nyonya kebaya. It is breathable and comfortable to wear, which makes it ideal for warm weather or for long periods of wear.

The high embroidery on the Nyonya kebaya is a true statement of luxury. It is typically created with intricate patterns and designs that incorporate traditional motifs and symbols, such as flowers, birds, and butterflies.


Cutting: Slim Fit.

Size: XS - 5XL​

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