Special Theme Batik

This piece is wearable piece of art. Can wear as a sarong to match with kebaya, or become wall decoration to your living room or table cloth for you dinning table.

Hand Drawn Peranakan Batik

Hipwrap (Kain Panjang) Full Hand Drawn Batik Pagi-Sore Style 

Hip Wrap (Kain Panjang) Full Hand Drawn Batik Chinese

Pagi-Sore Hipwrap (Kain Panjang) can be worn in 2 ways. 1 side is for the morning, and the other side for the evening.

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Hand-drawn on primissima cotton

peranakan culture hand drawn batik kebaya nyonya nonya Singapore

During the Japanese colonization in Indonesia around the 1940s, a motif called Batik Hokokai was created by Pekalongan natives and the Chinese clan. During that period, cotton was very rare because imports of material, such as cotton from Europe and India had drastically reduced. That made it harder for batik producers to produce batik but nevertheless many persisted and turned difficulties into opportunities by producing pagi-sore.

Overlaying intricate details made Jawa Hokokai batiks as one of the most notable, noble and beautiful batik art forms in Asia.


size: 104 x 254cm

peranakan culture white kebaya hand drawn batik cloud Singapore nyonya nonya

Hip Wrap (Kain Panjang) Full Hand Drawn Batik Animal

peranakan culture orange kebaya hand drawn batik crane bird Singapore nyonya nonya

Kain Panjang Full Hand Drawn Batik

this batik is designed by Liem Ping Wie daughter, Maria Liem. Liem Ping Wie is one of the oldest batik maker in Indonesia, well known for the fine batik works.

Material: Cotton Primissima, the first grade quality of cotton usually made for fine-art batik.

Making process: Hand painting batik technique.

Process up to 8 months to finish 1 batik.

Sarong Full Hand Drawn Batik

Beautiful Animal Motif

Flora and fauna have always captured Little Nyonya Batik's imagination. Be it an animal's movement or the delicacy of a plant, nature is a theatre and our masters batik artist reinterpret its many forms, in the expert tradition of Little Nyonya Batik style.

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