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Full Hand-drawn Batik

Sarong and Hip Wrap (Kain Panjang) 

Hip Wrap (Kain Panjang) Full Hand Drawn Batik Animal

Batik Kain Panjang is a traditional Indonesian textile art form that involves the use of wax and dye to create intricate designs on a long piece of fabric. It is a highly skilled process that requires a great deal of patience, precision, and attention to detail.


One of the popular motifs used in Batik Kain Panjang is animal designs, which add a unique touch to the fabric.

peranakan culture orange kebaya hand drawn batik crane bird Singapore nyonya nonya

Hip Wrap (Kain Panjang) Full Hand Drawn Batik Chinese

Find unique batik Chinese here, like from Cirebon and Lasem.

Hand-drawn on primissima cotton

peranakan culture white kebaya hand drawn batik cloud Singapore nyonya nonya

Sarong Full Hand Drawn Batik

Beautiful Animal Motif

peranakan culture hand drawn batik Singapore sarong butterfly kebaya

Nyonya Sarong Full Hand Drawn Batik Animal Motif on cotton is a beautiful and intricate example of the traditional art form of hand-drawn batik. Nyonya Sarongs are a type of traditional clothing worn by Peranakan women in Malaysia and Singapore, and they are often made with intricate batik designs.


Flora and fauna have always captured Little Nyonya Batik's imagination. Be it an animal's movement or the delicacy of a plant, nature is a theatre and our masters batik artist reinterpret its many forms, in the expert tradition of Little Nyonya Batik style.

The animal motifs may include depictions of peacocks, butterflies, birds, crane or other creatures that hold symbolic meaning in Peranakan culture.

Kain Panjang Full Hand Drawn Batik

this batik is designed by Liem Ping Wie daughter, Maria Liem. Liem Ping Wie is one of the oldest batik maker in Indonesia, well known for the fine batik works.

Material: Cotton Primissima, the first grade quality of cotton usually made for fine-art batik.

Making process: Hand painting batik technique.

Process up to 8 months to finish 1 batik.

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