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Full Hand-drawn Batik

Material: smooth silk super and textured ATBM silk (Alat Tradisional Bukan Mesin/silk making using traditional tool, not machine). ATBM create unique pattern on the cloth.

Making process: Hand painting batik technique (one side painting),  process around 6 months-1 year to finish 1 batik.

vintage silk peranakan batik singapore

Silk Care instruction: Wash gently in cold water with a drop of natural soap/hair shampoo. Rinse throughly.

To dry: use a clean puffy bath towel, put the silk sarong in between the towel and gently pat dry. Hand dry in shade, not under the bright sun.

Iron: place a thin towel on top of the silk sarong, iron in low setting. Please keep the silk sarong away from clorox and alcohol.

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