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Full Hand Drawn Batik Hip Wrap (Kain Panjang) Pagi-Sore Style 

Pagi-Sore Hipwrap (Kain Panjang) can be worn in 2 ways. 1 side is for the morning, and the other side for the evening.

During the Japanese colonization in Indonesia around the 1940s, a motif called Batik Hokokai was created by Pekalongan natives and the Chinese clan. During that period, cotton was very rare because imports of material, such as cotton from Europe and India had drastically reduced. That made it harder for batik producers to produce batik but nevertheless many persisted and turned difficulties into opportunities by producing pagi-sore.

Overlaying intricate details made Jawa Hokokai batiks as one of the most notable, noble and beautiful batik art forms in Asia.


size: 104 x 248cm

peranakan culture hand drawn batik kebaya nyonya nonya Singapore

How to wear:

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