peranakan sarong batik rayon modern green singapore

Stamp batik:

Because hand-drawn batik is costly, Nyonyas in Indonesia wears stamp batik sarong for daily wear. 


Motif: bird & butterfly with a flower bouquet


Style: classic and modern



the texture is soft because we use rayon (paris) material. This material has strong fabric fibre but thinner than normal cotton. Suitable for all weather and you can use for beachwear too. Because of the characteristic of the material, this sarong not bulky on the waist.


Size approx 103 x 195cm (fit size XS-XL)

Free Gift

Sarong buckle with every purchase of sarong in Rayon material.

sarong buckle peranakan singapore

Peranakan Sarong on Rayon

Material: Rayon (soft cotton)
Motif: Bird & Butterfly
Technique: Stamp Batik
peranakan sarong batik rayon modern singapore

How to wear Rayon/Silk:

Sarong on Viscose and Silk Material

Material: textured viscose and silk (with flower motif) and smooth silk.
Motif: Flower Bouquet, bird and butterfly.