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Hand-drawn Batik

What makes hand drawn batik expensive? it's because the production that requires technique, precision, and patience. This is due to the manual process (hand drawn) without using a machine.  It is complicated and takes a long time. That's why hand drawn batik is expensive. There are many stages to go through before producing fine quality batik fabrics. Usually, the process takes 6 months, 1 year even 2 years. And even the weather play apart too. If it's is cloudy or rainy, the process can take longer. And the weather will affect the result too.


If the fabric using silk, it will be the most expensive cloth in the world. The combination of silk fabric that has been known to be expensive with the technical process of making it is hand drawn manually and silk require special treatment make silk hand drawn batik hunted by the executive and collector. In ancient Indonesia, textiles were a symbol of wealth, power, and prestige for their owners.

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