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J+PLUS Japanese Lifestyle Magazine.

19th June 2014 issue : Singapore gift.

Product: Peranakan porcelain spoon

Eset Anti Virus Website

December 2014 - now

Product:  Peranakan costume - white kebaya and hand drawn batik wrap by Lim Ping Wie

Nama Saya Kassim Selamat (My Name is Kassim Selamat)

MediaCorp channel Suria from the 2nd of Jan 2015 onwards

Product: Peranakan costume and jewellery for local comedienne/actress Lok Meng Chue

Fashion Through the Ages (Peranakan Fashion)


Her World Brides Singapore

June-Aug 2015

Peranakan Porcelain for Table Setting.

Photo courtesy of: My Private Chef

Ah Boys : Mission S Change

ep 9 by Starhub

Tosh and Weiliang from the blockbuster movie "Ah Boys to Men" undertake their most challenging mission yet! They journey across China with nothing in their backpacks – but 50 Singaporean products! Along the way, they must trade these products for a hot meal or a night’s shelter. What will they barter with these 50 products? And will they survive their 50-day journey?

Straits Times

Jun 1, 2017


Restaurant owners project their brand with chic staff uniform

Product: stamp batik for Halia Restaurant uniform



At Halia at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, black and white uniforms were recently replaced with batik-print creations.

The new uniforms feature a ginger-flower batik print, a collaboration between the restaurant and Ms Della Ong, founder of Little Nyonya Batik, an online boutique that sells Peranakan fashion and accessories.

Ms Esther Wee, managing director of Halia, says: "Just like its location in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the uniform was meant to look breezy and friendly, with some floral designs.

"Our old uniforms, classic formal shirts with a mandarin collar which was paired with a simple apron, reflected our previous fine-dining concept. When Halia rebranded to focus on our Asian heritage, we needed a new uniform to reflect the vibrancy of our heritage.

"We consider our staff our ambassadors and what they wear reflects what we are as a brand."