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composed by The Main Wayang Company.

Since 2004, The Main Wayang Company (TMWC) has been promoting & keeping the Peranakan Baba Culture alive through events, shows & music. All the music on this CD are original compositions by TMWC which aim to entertain, inspire & educate all Babas, Nyonyas & anyone who loves the Peranakan Baba Culture in Singapore, Malaysia & the rest of the world!

The song ‘It’s Time For Sayang Sayang’ has been TMWC’s signature tune & truly one of the most popular & endearing original Peranakan songs through the years. Hence, it is only apt that we title this CD after this song to share our ‘sayang’ (love) with our ‘family & friends’ & you!

Music CD: It's Time For Sayang Sayang

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