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Kamcheng or porcelain-covered vessel is a must have item at Peranakan home. They were used as food containers. This particular kamcheng is done in a yellow background, with a lion-dog on top of the domed cover with goldfish drawing inside.

Baba Yellow Kamcheng with Gold Fish, height 9inch / 23cm

  • A 'kamcheng' could be used as a container for water, pickles and other types of food. The wares were of two types: richly decorated enamel wares for use on auspicious occasions, and functional blue-and-white wares for everyday use.

    This ceramic is original of Peranakan porcelain wares, with characteristic phoenix and peony motifs. Handmade in China and have good bright colouring and very good craftmanship.

    Peranakan porcelain was exported from China as a result of a specialized market in South East Asia, mainly in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.
    Straits Chinese porcelain is generally brighter colored than any other export porcelain made in China. The base color is often a bright yellow, green, pink, etc.

    height 9inch / 23cm
    opening diameter 17cm

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