How to match your Sarong-Kebaya

Peranakan is colourful. How to bring up the colour of you?


by looking at the tanah/background or the motifs to match the top.

sample A:

Sarong's background is yellow.
Find kebaya with yellow embroidery


sample B:

Sarong's background is pink.
Find kebaya with pink embroidery


sample C:

Sarong's background is green.
Find kebaya with green embroidery


How to care your kebaya & batik 

Do you wonder why our grandma's sarong & kebaya long lasting? 

Actually it's very simple. No need to pay for dry cleaning, cos dry cleaning using chemical. Here is the tips from my grandma:


  • Our recommendation is hand washing.

  • Even though the best to wash your kebaya & batik are using batik cleaner called lerak soap (soap made from nut), but you can use other altervative: non-alkaline soap or baby shampoo. 

note: Detergents can damage the fabric in batik. It fade the colors and patterns. 


  • Soak batik for 5-10 mins in water & baby shampoo. Rinse with clean water.


  • ​Hang on the windy place (no sun directly). Leave it dry naturally.

  • Do not put the batik in the dryer. Doing so can damage the silk fiber and cause fading in colour.


  • Flip your kebaya & batik inside-out and using medium heat.

Fabric softener

If you want to spray softener on batik cloth, do not spray the fabric directly but first, cover your batik with newspaper and then spray the softener.


After ironed you would better kept your batik in plastic in order not to be eaten by moth.

You would better not to give champor because can destroy the fabric.


How to wear ...

1. Kerosang Brooch

2. Sarong on Rayon Material with Buckle

3. Sarong on Tubular Shape